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How to Use Etsy Trending to Grow Your Business

Kate Pullen
By Kate Pullen / October 28, 2016

Sometimes the clues we need to grow our businesses are right under our noses, and this is very much the case with a really useful feature at Etsy which we often overlook, Etsy Trending Items.

Etsy Trending Items is the next best thing we have to watching Etsy shoppers browsing our products. Years ago, that’s exactly what market research was – watching shoppers and seeing what they like and buy. Of course, today, things are much more high tech than simply someone stood at the checkout with a clipboard. Etsy Trending Items is our own version of the lady at the checkout with a clipboard. But right here on our computers!

What Are Trending Items?


Etsy Trending displays items that are, well, trending on Etsy on any given day. The items change daily, so what you see today could be different tomorrow. These items represent where’s the action’s at on Etsy. This includes items recently purchased and items favorited. According to the Etsy handbook:


How Can Etsy Trending Help Me?

If you’re wondering how Etsy Trending can help you, I’m not suggesting you rush off and try to replicate everything  on the trending page. However, I am suggesting you put on your deerstalker or crumpled mac, depending whether you’re more Sherlock or Columbo, and do a little detective work.

The trending page is influenced by shoppers and we can see what shoppers are looking for now. This includes the number of times a product has been viewed and that these can come from Etsy’s own search or through direct links from the seller’s own social media or marketing activity. This gives us a really deep insight into the mind of the Etsy shoppers.

Take a look at this page and see if you can see any trending patterns. I’m writing this at the end of April, so I can immediately see a lot of Mother’s Day type products and wedding products, at other times of the year, I’ll see different things. The trick is to keep an eye on this page and do a little detective work, looking at the reasons why people are buying and the things they are searching for.

How to Use This Information

The nuggets of information you glean from this page will help you no end when it comes to planning and marketing. For example, you will see when wedding or holiday items start trending. Correspondingly you’ll see when seasonal items drop off the radar. You can use this information to help you direct your own campaigns. If you pay for promoted listings on Etsy, for example, you can focus your investment into products which you know are trending NOW. You can put your social media and blogging effort into promoting products that hit the sweet spot with Etsy shoppers.

In addition to buying occasions, we can also see other trends such as colors, fashions and more. Keep a look at Etsy Trending Items regularly, perhaps even take screenshots and keep on top of what shoppers are looking for and buying now!

Of course this isn’t perfect. Somethings, like the Mother’s Day things we’re seeing at the moment will be obvious, however other trending items may be completely new an illuminating. This is just one trick for keeping ahead of the game – however it’s certainly a useful one!

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