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Why Aren’t People Looking At My Products?

The new layout of Etsy stats makes it super easy to see the unloved products – the ones that no one is looking at. While Etsy suggests a few things that can be done to improve these products, if you really want to turn them around, it’s going to be a case of looking to see why they are not being viewed, and address each one accordingly.
There will be many reasons why people aren’t looking at your products and these include:
  • It’s not getting found in search.
  • It IS getting found in search, but the buyer clicks on other products and not yours.
  • It’s not being promoted on social media.
  • It IS being promoted on social media, but not in a way that is resonating with potential customers
  • It’s not linked to from other products in your store
  • It’s not being blogged about or talked about outside of the store.

and, of course, there’s another reason to consider – it just might not be a very good product.

Let’s break these reasons down step by step:

It’s not getting found in search

If a product is not getting found in search, it is because you are not using the keywords a searcher will search for when they are searching for your products. Or, you are using hugely broad keywords (for example ‘jewelry’) which return millions of search results making it difficult for a customer to find your products. Think about the best keywords to use in terms of how a shopper will shop. Think of things like occasions, who will use the product, why they are buying it etc. And then research the best terms to use. For more information see SEO _ What’s it all about?

It IS getting found in search, but the buyer clicks on other products and not yours

If your SEO is spot on and you are using great keywords and are appearing high up the search results – but your product is not being viewed, it is down to something the customer is seeing, or more likely not seeing when they are browsing a page of search results. There are four pieces of information that a customer sees:

The customer sees:

  • The main preview image
  • The lead keywords in your title
  • The store name
  • The price

Therefore, if a shopper is seeing your product in search results but they are not clicking – take a look and see if you can see why. If yours is a premium product, is that reflected in the look and feel of your preview pictures and your store name? Is your photo enticing customers to want to know more? Does the lead keyword say what your product is? Or is the customer simply looking for something else?

It’s not being promoted on social media

While great SEO and waiting for customers to find you is one way to go – a more proactive stance is to take your products to where you know potential customers hang out. And this is likely to be social media. Look for the social media platforms where your target market hangs out. Build a social media marketing campaign which is going to bring value to your target market and make them receptive to learning more about your products.

It IS being promoted on social media, but not in a way that is resonating with potential customers

The chances are, if a product is being promoted on social media but noone is clicking, there’s too much selling going on. We need to think about the value we bring our target market before we can hope they will click through to learn more. If people only ever see sales posts, they are likely to become blind to them and ignore them (or unfollow). This doesn’t mean you can’t present a product in every post – and certainly doesn’t mean you need to intersperse your posts with stuff that is irrelevant, however, think why a potential customer will want to learn more about this – what is in it for them?

And if a product is promoted on social media and isn’t getting clicks, this is also the time to ask if the product is right and if you have the right target market for the product.

It’s not linked to from other products in your store

Linking products together in your store is a great way to help customers uncover new products. If you have a product that gets lots of views and is super-popular, try adding links to your unloved products (but only if they are great products that deserve a view – and are related to the product the customer is viewing). This is a valuable thing to do on your own site too. It encourages people to stay longer on your site, which sends out positive messages to search engines.

It’s not being blogged about or talked about outside of the store

A blog is a great marketing tool – yet one that is often under-utilised. Your blog gives you a way to reach out and engage with your target market like no other tool. You can inform, entertain – and market to your target market via a blog. Get people excited by your products and link back to them in your store.

It’s not a great product

It happens! Sometimes your products are just not right for your target market, price point, brand etc. Sometimes it is better just to remove a product from sale rather than try to sell something that just isn’t right. Ask yourself WHY you thought it would sell – and then examine where the disconnect is. Why are the reasons that you thought it would sell not holding true?

So, this new feature at Etsy gives us the opportunity to really get to grips with unpopular products, as well as popular ones and hopefully give them the love they need to turn them around.

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