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Be a Fly On The Wall – Listen to Your Target Market

Kate Pullen
By Kate Pullen / April 25, 2017

There’s a very good reason why the old adage ‘you have two ears and one mouth…’ remains relevant today. By listening and not speaking we can learn a lot, and this is particularly relevant in our handmade businesses. If you really want to hone in on your target market and develop products you know they want and will love, what better way to do this than to listen to your target market?

How to Listen To Your Target Market

Listening to your target market is as simple as finding out where they hang out and spending some time listening to the comments they make, the questions they ask and any concerns or they might have.

You will learn directly from your target market their pain points – the things they need help with. And this can help you create new products, expand your product line and create targeted marketing campaigns. For example you may hear people ask where they can buy certain products or if someone has a solution for a problem they experience with a certain object.

Additionally, listening to your target market will allow you to use the exact words that they do when you are marketing to them – immediately creating a bond that is so important when marketing. For example, you will learn any abbreviations or slang terms which may be exclusive to a certain group. Because we know our products inside out, sometimes we might forget that other people might not know terms specific to our products, therefore knowing that people are asking questions about ‘those long dangly earrings that fall in tiers’ rather than ‘chandelier earrings’ could be worth it’s weight in gold when it comes to marketing your products.

Tips for Listening To Your Target Market

Record useful information you read so you can refer to it later. You can ‘save’ posts in Facebook or alternatively use a clipping tool such as Evernote, so you can clip useful snippets of information and keep this in a file or folder to refer to when you are planning products or your next marketing campaign.

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Kate Pullen

Kate is a long term marketing professional who made a lifestyle change and moved to Spain to follow her dream. She learned how to apply her business skills to her creative skills to grow a business. Her goal is to help others follow their dreams too.

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