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How Much Does A Website Cost?

Kate Pullen
By Kate Pullen / November 1, 2018

How much does a website cost? I often hear that cost is the reason that has stopped someone pressing on with a website for their business. The other biggie is not knowing where to start. Neither need be a barrier, but let’s focus on costs right now.

First option is using a web design agency. The cost here will vary depending on location and reputation. I picked Crew’s calculator at for this and got a range of between $19,500 and $23,400. That was even without all the bells and whistles too.

Next stop was to find some costings that didn’t sting quite so much. Off to Etsy as it’s somewhere I know most members are familiar with. I only looked at the first page of results for “website design”. At the top end were a couple of packages around the $2,500 mark. One for WordPress and the other Shopify. Prices then ranged down with a few around the $1k region and the lowest came in at over $500. The other lower offers on the page were for non-ecommerce sites or just themes/templates.

Rather than paying someone else to do the work, what savings can be made for a bit of DIY. This may not be right for everyone, but if your business is starting out and more time rich/cash poor, it could be a great way to get started for a low cost.

Shopify was just mentioned above, so let’s look at that. Shopify comes in a few flavors, starting at less than $10 a month for the Lite option. That’s nice and easy and perhaps fine for casual sellers, but it’s not great if you’re serious about your business. The Basic option is a proper site with all the tech handled for you for $29 a month. It looks a pretty good package, though the omission of gift cards and abandoned cart recovery look to have been strategically chosen. If you want those two features, the cost jumps to $79 a month. That means $348 or $948 a year. If you need additional addons or fancy a premium theme, that could increase.

I know there are other site builder options, but for ecommerce, Shopify does seem to be the one to beat and I think most ecommerce options come priced around the mark of the Basic service.

Another option for the DIYers is, unsurprisingly, a self-hosted WordPress site. Again costs here can vary, but I’ve picked on shared WordPress hosting from Siteground. They throw in a free SSL certificate, offer you a choice of PHP version (the latest version is a lot faster) and HTTP/2 enabled servers to make your pages load quicker. Pay for a year upfront and the cost will be $47.40 right now with their discount. Future years increase to about $120, though hopefully you’ll have moved to a different package by then to cope with your huge numbers of visitors. As with Shopify, themes and plugins could drive that cost up, but it’s perfectly possible to put an ecommerce site together for free.

So that’s a few different options and the associated costs, though obviously it’s far from complete. Oh and you’ll want to throw in a domain name too, say $10 for a .com.

So, if you have a site, do you mind sharing what it cost you or what your monthly fees are if you’re using a hosted solution like Shopify?

If you haven’t got a site, how much would you spend to get your business’ own website up and running?

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