Free Etsy Keywords to Help You Target Your Shop's SEO

Free Etsy Keywords to Help You Target Your Shop’s SEO

Kate Pullen
By Kate Pullen / August 4, 2016

On this page you’ll find free Etsy keywords which you can use in your listings and elsewhere in your Etsy store. These are current keywords that shopper are using now to look for products on Etsy. Remember that these will change over time and by the season.

You can use these keywords as part of your keyword research. The keywords you’ll find in the downloads are broad and general. While you could use them as is, think about how your target market would use these keywords to search for your products. Ideally, you want to find the long tail keywords that come from these words and phrases. These are the more specific keyword phrases that generally have less competition, making it easier for you to rank well.

We’ve shared some quick tips for keyword research in our blog post titled Why You Should Regularly Check Your Keywords.

You can use also Google’s Keyword Planner to find targeted keywords. You can use the Keyword Planner for free in your Google Adwords account. If you don’t already have a Google Adwords account, it’s free to sign up, but you will need a credit card. As long as you don’t leave a campaign active, it will not be charged.

You can learn more about finding keywords in our BEAT Keyword Research Method workshop. You’ll need to be a Make For Business Member to get access, but the super-affordable monthly membership scheme gives you access to all our workshops.

Each week we’ll be adding a new set of keywords. If you’d like us to find the current Etsy keywords that shoppers are searching on in your field, get in touch. Just visit the contact page and let us know what craft sector you’d like us to look at.

If you don’t receive the Make For Business newsletter, sign up using the form below this blog post to be kept informed of new keyword lists.

To download all the Etsy keywords, click on the download links. This will download an XLSX file. If you don’t have a spreadsheet application, you can upload it to Google Sheets.

If you just want to copy a few keywords, highlight what you want and copy and paste:


Free Jewelry Keywords – 7th October

October Jewelry Keywords

Free Thanksgiving Keywords For Etsy – 29th September

Thanksgiving Keywords

Free Google Shopping Keywords 15th September

Note: These keywords are from Google Shopping. They will need some sifting through to find the treasures, however this shows you what real shoppers are looking for now!

Gift Keywords (Google Shopping)

Free Etsy Keywords – Gift (September 8th)


Free Etsy Keywords – Fall/Autumn (September 1st)

Autumn Keywords

Free Etsy Keywords – Halloween (August 25th)

Halloween Keywords August

Free Etsy Keywords – Headbands / Baby Headbands (August 18th 2016)

Headband Keywords

Etsy Keywords – Cards / Birthday Cards (August 11th 2016)

I’ve included birthday cards and just ‘cards’ as search terms. You will see that the search for cards is very general and all sorts of things which are not related to birthday cards are included. This highlights which it is much better to be more targeted with your keywords and not use top level ones. It’s hard enough to compete with other cards, let alone unrelated products!

card-keywordsEtsy Keywords – Jewelry (August 4th 2016)

Jewelry Keywords - August 16

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