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Why Aren’t People Looking At My Products?

By Kate Pullen / May 26, 2017

The new layout of Etsy stats makes it super easy to see the unloved products – the ones that no one is looking at. While Etsy suggests a few things that can be done to improve these products, if you really want to turn them around, it’s going to be a case of looking to […]


What Are Keywords And Why Do They Matter?

By Kate Pullen / February 1, 2017

About keywords in general: Keywords are an essential part of the Internet. We use keywords in everything from searching Google through to browsing products on Etsy. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the term used to optimize pages of content so that search engines can match the term someone enters when they are looking for something […]


What is Your Conversion Rate On Etsy and Why Does It Matter?

By Kate Pullen / January 7, 2017

The conversion rate a figure which is used in e-commerce as a benchmark to measure the ‘health’ of a store. It can help measure everything from the effectiveness of marketing strategies through to the efficiency of a website design. If you increase the conversion rate, you will be increasing your sales. Therefore it is an […]


How to Get Rid Of Ghost Spam Referrers in Google Analytics

By Kate Pullen / December 14, 2016

If you look at your referrers in Google Analytics and see a lot of odd looking URLs – ones that say they have registered a page view on your site, show a 100% bounce rate and spend no time on your site – it’s likely to be ghost spam. This is tiresome and annoying, but […]


How to Make a Copy View in Google Analytics

By Kate Pullen / December 14, 2016

A view in Google Analytics terms is the data set which we use for reporting. This is what you see when you look at Google Analytics. If you make any changes to the way the data is collected it will effect the view. Taking a copy view means that if in the future you create […]


Survey – What Do You Need to Know to Grow Your Business?

By Kate Pullen / November 2, 2016

Could you spare a couple of minutes to help us as we plan new courses and workshops to help creative entrepreneurs grow their businesses? We’ve got some great courses in the pipeline – however, we’d also LOVE to know what you think is important! Powered by Typeform


How to Use Etsy Trending to Grow Your Business

By Kate Pullen / October 28, 2016

Sometimes the clues we need to grow our businesses are right under our noses, and this is very much the case with a really useful feature at Etsy which we often overlook, Etsy Trending Items. Etsy Trending Items is the next best thing we have to watching Etsy shoppers browsing our products. Years ago, that’s exactly […]


Word of Mouth Marketing

By Kate Pullen / October 26, 2016

Word of mouth is such a powerful marketing tool and is increasingly relevant in today’s digital world. Any time a customer mentions your products or your store to a friend or family member, they are giving a word of mouth referral. Therefore if a customer really loves your products and shares your store details with others – you’ve […]


SEO and Keywords – What’s It All About?

By Kate Pullen / October 21, 2016

So, what are keywords and why do we need to worry about them? As far as internet search is concerned, the world pretty well revolves around keywords. These are the, well, key words, that sum up the content of a page. You use keywords on sites like Etsy or when you are searching for […]


What Are Overheads?

By Kate Pullen / October 15, 2016

When you are pricing your products you need to take into account all of the costs involved. This includes direct costs, such as supplies. However don’t forget to add in your overheads too. What Are Overheads? While it’s really easy to factor in costs when pricing your products, like the cost of supplies or the time involved in making your […]

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