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UTM Tags and How To Use Them

By Kate Pullen / October 24, 2016

Did you know that Google gives us a really simple way to track promotions and marketing activity so we can really understand how to best build traffic to our stores and websites? This really simple technique opens the door to a wealth of knowledge about our promotions and marketing activity. Stop wasting time and money […]


What Are Overheads?

By Kate Pullen / October 15, 2016

When you are pricing your products you need to take into account all of the costs involved. This includes direct costs, such as supplies. However don’t forget to add in your overheads too. What Are Overheads? While it’s really easy to factor in costs when pricing your products, like the cost of supplies or the time involved in making your […]


Pinterest For Your Business

By Kate Pullen / October 8, 2016

Pinterest is a wonderful platform for marketing your products. Think of it as another shop window to displaying your work to potential customers. Learn how to use Pinterest effectively to build your business. Browsing Pinterest can be like falling into another dimension. Before you know it, days have gone by as thousands of gorgeous photos […]


How to Choose Your Business Name!

By Kate Pullen / October 7, 2016

The very first thing to do is to give your business a name. Even if you don’t have your store set up yet or are still thinking through the whys and wherefores of starting your own business, it’s good to have a name for the business. Just the process of choosing a name will help […]


How to Reach Gift Shoppers

By Kate Pullen / October 6, 2016

One of the biggest challenges an e-commerce business has, whether you sell on a managed platform like Etsy or your own website, is getting your products in front of the right shopper. Much of the time, this is relatively straight forward as you know your target market and you know how to reach them. You’ll […]


What is your brand?

By Kate Pullen / October 6, 2016

Part of your planning should be thinking about your brand. Both your business brand and your personal brand. If you need any help with your branding, check out our Defining Your Brand workshop or take advantage of a coaching session with Kate, including our Brand Audit program. What is a Brand? Imagination without vision, is […]


Planning for Help In Your Craft Business

By Kate Pullen / October 3, 2016

Depending on where you are on your business journey, you may need to consider paying for someone to help you with your business. We’re talking general help here, not specialist services. People may require help at any stage of  their business. Whether it’s help to get a business off the ground, help to see a […]


How to Price Your Handmade Products

By Kate Pullen / September 30, 2016

There’s one thing that really makes me sad when I browse Etsy or craft markets looking at handmade goods, and that’s how low some artisans value themselves and their work. I find it desperately sad when I see someone with exquisite work, which they’ve priced to match the resellers and importers. I wonder why they […]


Five Mistakes New Handmade Sellers Make

By Kate Pullen / September 29, 2016

    If you are just starting out selling your handmade products you probably have hopes and dreams of where your new venture is going to take you. With hard work and determination your dreams will be realized, however, that doesn’t mean to say you won’t have the odd bump in the road. There are […]


Brand 101 – Your Logo is Not Your Brand

By Kate Pullen / September 22, 2016

Your logo is not your brand! Our brands are at the heart of our businesses, yet it’s surprising how often that misconception arises. Many new businesses are inclined to think that because they have their logo, they have their brand. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your logo is just one part of your […]

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