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Logo Design

By Kate Pullen / April 28, 2017

Things to consider about your logo – What’s your logo like? Are you pleased with how it presents your business? Is it good in every circumstance? Ever given it a health check? If not, now could be as good a time as any to have a good look at your logo and consider if it’s […]


Horror Movie Inspired Halloween Graphic

By Ian Pullen / September 22, 2016

This will hopefully be quite a fun exercise, creating a striking Halloween themed graphic. I’ve been inspired by cheesy horror movie posters for this. We’ll be using BeFunky’s Photo Editor web app for this tutorial. While there’s nothing too complicated about this, there’s a few steps, so we’ll dive straight in. Create your document When […]


Image Filled Text

By Ian Pullen / September 18, 2016

For this exercise, I’m going to share a simple technique for creating text that appears to filled with an image. This is quite a striking effect and is another way to add interest and combine text and imagery. We’re going to be turning to another free web app for this example, Pixlr Photo Editor. Pixlr […]


Psychology of Color: Red Sale Graphic

By Ian Pullen / September 13, 2016

Have you noticed how graphics for sales almost always seem to heavily use the color red? You may not have consciously considered this, but I bet you have noticed now you think about it. It’s become a common convention. We could assume that it’s so often used because it’s become a visual shorthand for products […]


Patriot Day Graphic Using BeFunky

By Ian Pullen / September 7, 2016

While not a federal holiday, this national day of mourning on September 11 each year is obviously an important day of rememberance for the United States. Whether your business overtly and publicly marks Patriot Day will be a personal decision. It may feel more natural for you to remember privately. If you’d like your business […]


Using Canva to Create a Graphic with Text on Transparent Overlay

By Ian Pullen / September 5, 2016

For this first graphics challenge tutorial, we’re going to use a simple technique in Canva to add text over a transparent overlay. If you prefer to use a different web app of software installed on your computer, such as Photoshop Elements or GIMP, you can follow the steps, but will need to adapt the techniques […]


How to Make a ‘What Is It’ Graphic for Social Media

By Kate Pullen / August 4, 2016

If you are looking for something a little different to do to engage with your social media and blog followers, how about making a ‘what is it’ image? This is an image where the subject isn’t clear so people have to guess what it is. This can be a great way to encourage engagement from […]


How to Make a Collage in Canva

By Kate Pullen / August 3, 2016

Making a collage using an image editing application such as Canva is very straightforward to do. This is a great way to present a group of products or to tell a story about your brand or your making process. Go to and you will be promoted to add the size of the image you […]


How to Use Instagram Stories

By Kate Pullen / August 3, 2016

Learn how to use Instagram Stories to build your brand, your Etsy store and your handmade business. There are many ways to tell the story behind our brand and products. The launch of Instagram Stories gives us another fun way to give followers an insight into our business. Instagram Stories is very similar to Snapchat. It’s […]


How to Add a Text Overlay in Canva

By Kate Pullen / August 2, 2016

Add a text overlay to your product photos to create great looking promotional graphics. It’s a great way to add some information about your products or to highlight some features. It’s also a great way to turn your photos into social media graphics. By adding text, for example, a quote or saying, to your product […]