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Make This Year Your Best Year Ever!

Kate Pullen
By Kate Pullen / December 15, 2016

Make this your best year ever by setting yourself some goals and targets to take your business to the next level. And what better time of year is there to set yourself some goals and targets than at the New Year.  Incorporating your business goals into your New Year resolutions will help you focus on what you need to do, and help you get to where you want to be this time next year. However, there’s one big problem….

The vast majority of people who set themselves New Year resolutions fail to keep them (8% of people keep their resolutions for a year according to Statistic Brain). Yikes!

There are many reasons why we don’t keep resolutions, a few of the main ones are:

  • We set resolutions based on what we’d like to achieve regardless of whether this is feasible
  • We set big picture resolutions which are daunting and overwhelming, and just plain difficult to do
  • We set resolutions thinking of what we will achieve and overlook why we are doing them (and the benefit it will bring)
  • We don’t have the support and help to keep us motivated once the excitement of the new year is over

This is why I recommend that instead of setting big picture goals and targets – we focus on the things we need to do to achieve the big picture and set smaller, actionable goals.

Bite Sized Goals

What do I mean by this? Well, let’s say I set myself a target of doubling my revenue next year. Obviously this is an exciting and challenging target to set. However, without knowing what I need to do to achieve this, it’s very loose and wooly (and potentially unrealistic) and I’m setting myself up for failure. A much better way to do this is to set bite-sized goals of what I need to do to achieve this big target. This might be to find a new sales outlet, create a new product line, make a certain number of blog posts a month, post to social media every day or any of a whole host of other activities. You might want to ensure you have some ‘me time’ every month so you don’t exhaust yourself or run out of steam before the year is up or need some training to use new equipment. By sitting back and thinking about what you need to do to achieve your big picture goal, you are much more likely to achieve it.

A marathon is run one step at a time, a heirloom quilt is created one stitch at a time, and your end of year targets will be achieved one goal at a time.

How to Set Actionable Bite Sized Goals

So, over the next two weeks we’ll look at setting our goals and targets for the coming year. How will you define the best year ever for your business? Before we start, the first thing to do is to think about where you want your business to be next year. We’ll think about how you are going to get there in the next blog post, however for now, grab a piece of paper and pen and write down what your want your business to look like. How do you want your customer base to have grown, what revenue would you like, how many social media followers would you aim for… When you have this all down on paper we’ll look at how we’ll set the goals to achieve this 🙂

If you have any questions or need any help, head over to our Facebook group where we’ll be holding a goal setting challenge later this month 🙂

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Kate Pullen

Kate is a long term marketing professional who made a lifestyle change and moved to Spain to follow her dream. She learned how to apply her business skills to her creative skills to grow a business. Her goal is to help others follow their dreams too.

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