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How to Autoschedule Pinterest Pinning With ViralTag

Kate Pullen
By Kate Pullen / March 18, 2017

If you’re just starting out using Pinterest for your business, one of the things you will need to be doing regularly, as well as creating top-notch graphics for your own products and blog, is pinning your own and other people’s content. With a little planning, it’s easy enough to get into a routine if you are just pinning the odd pin or two. However, many Pinterest power users pin upwards of 30 images a day! While this is doable if you have plenty of time on your hands (and time that coincides with when your target market are most active), for many this is impossible. And because people feel that can’t commit to pinning many multiples of images a day, they give up. Their Pinterest pinning strategy has shrivelled up and died before it had a chance to take root and grow.

However, there is an alternative to manually pinning every pin daily. A scheduling tool can be a great way to handle your pinning requirements. A scheduling tool allows you to plan your pinning activity in one go and it will pin your pins to Pinterest following the schedule you set. If you want to give this is a try, take a look at Viraltag. Viraltag offers a free 14 day trial, and this is a great way to try it out and see if it’s right for you.

ViralTag is very straightforward to use. While it offers a lot of functionality, we’re just going to the basics in this blog post.

How to Set Up Viragtag for Pinterest

The first thing to do is to go to the Viraltag site and choose to start the free trial. If you go to Extensions you’ll see you have the option to add a bookmarklet:



If you’re not sure what a bookmarklet is, it’s a little button that sits in your bookmark toolbar. When you click on this it will allow you to add an image from the web page you are on to Pinterest. You can schedule this too, so you can add it to your pinning routine.


It’s worth adding the bookmarklet if you going to be pinning a lot of images directly from a website rather than repinning images from Pinterest.

When you have done this, navigate to the Accounts page where you will connect your Pinterest account:



Click on Pinterest. You will get a message from Pinterest confirming that you’d like Viraltag to connect to your Pinterest account. You will need to confirm this so Viraltag and Pinterest can connect:


Now you can fine tune your Viraltag account. One thing that’s important to look at is the time zone. If you are going to be scheduling pins to coincide with when your target market is going to be most active on Pinterest, you will need to ensure that you double check the time zone which is set so you can work out the best time to pin accordingly.


If you head to the Posting Schedule option, you’ll see you can set the time and frequency you want your pins to be sent. Remember, this should be the time of day when your target market is most active on Pinterest. When you have more data and if you link your Google Analytics account to Viraltag, you will be able to see a report which gives you an accurate list of times when people engage more with you. However, when you are starting out a lot of this is going to be determined by what your own knowledge of your target market tell you, when it comes to the times they are most active on social media.

You can add as many different time slots as you like. Remember to make it really work for you, so if you have plenty of pins, add more time slots to the scheduler. Viraltag will pin a pin to the relevant board on each time slot in the posting schedule.


To add a new time to the scheduler, just click on ‘Add’ and adjust the slider bar to the right time:


You’re now good to go!

How to Schedule a Pin Using Viraltag

Now you have your account set up, you can get started scheduling pins! When you schedule a pin, it goes into a queue and Viraltag works through the queue, pinning the pins to Pinterst according to your schedule.

If you are on a website and you see a relevant piece of content you want to share, simply click on the Viraltag bookmarklet, choose the image and add your own keyword rich descriptive text. Tell your readers why this is relevant to them. This is really important. It’s important for two reasons. The first, as you can see in the example below, sometimes the description which will automatically be posted, isn’t that good. It doesn’t tell the reader much about the content it links to. Secondly, you want to make it relevant to your target market. You want to let them know why YOU feel this is worth their time reading.


You will see you can choose the board you want to add the pin to, add your description as we discussed above and say whether you want to manually schedule the pin or to add it to the queue to be pinned according to your schedule. You might use the manual schedule option if you want to pin this, say, in an hours time and not add it to the back of your pin queue.



You will see that your pin is now in your queue. You can see your queue in the Scheduled Posts tab:



The process is exactly the same if you want to schedule a pin from Pinterest. In this case, it will be quicker to click on the Viraltag icon which appears when you hover over this pin.

If you are just starting out on Pinterest, using a scheduler tool such as Viraltag will enable you to manage your pinning process so it doesn’t become too overwhelming. Check out the Viraltag website for more information as well as training material.

Do you have any tips for managing your Pinterest activity? How do you keep on top of all your social media activity?




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