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Kate Pullen

Kate is a long term marketing professional who made a lifestyle change and moved to Spain to follow her dream. She learned how to apply her business skills to her creative skills to grow a business. Her goal is to help others follow their dreams too.


Good Writing Skills = Happy Readers

By Kate Pullen / July 21, 2016

It’s not just what you write, it’s the way that you write it that makes a difference. Good writing skills are key. Whether you are writing blog posts or product descriptions, your writing style tells the reader a little more about you and your business. Your writing style is what will engage your readers and make […]


e-Commerce Website for Your Handmade Business – Why You Need One!

By Kate Pullen / July 15, 2016

If you’re serious about making a success of your handmade business, you have to start planning your own e-commerce website. As a handmade seller, it can be very tempting to think that the beginning and end of the handmade market falls firmly at the doors of Etsy. After all, Etsy has pioneered the handmade marketplace […]


Super Simple DIY Etsy Shop Critique!

By Kate Pullen / July 7, 2016

You may feel that a DIY Etsy shop critique is beyond you or just isn’t a valuable exercise. If you don’t have a budget to pay a professional, though, it can be the next best thing. Now, if your handmade business is rocking it and you’re certain you have no room for improvement, you can […]


Back-To-School Marketing for Handmade Businesses and Etsy Stores

By Kate Pullen / June 30, 2016

Hopefully back-to-school marketing is one of your priority jobs right now. If it’s not, you may want to read on to find out what opportunities you’re missing out on. What’s the second biggest spending event of the year after the winter holidays and celebrations? OK – the title of this blog is a bit of […]


Is This You? Etsy Seller Demographics

By Kate Pullen / June 7, 2016

So, are you an average Etsy seller (if there is such a thing), how do you fit into the general Etsy eco-system? I’m looking at a really interesting report. Entitled “Building an Etsy Economy: The New Face of Creative Entrepreneurship” , this report, written by Etsy in 2015, is based on a survey of 4000 US […]


Big Banner, Little Banner or No Banner?

By Kate Pullen / May 5, 2016

It’s now nearly a month since Etsy rolled out its new layout, and one of the choices we have is what banner size to have in our stores. There are three choices; big banners, medium banners and no banners. The choice of which to use is down to the store owner. There are no rights […]


Tags trending on Etsy – 6th April 2016

By Kate Pullen / April 6, 2016

Here’s this week’s trending tags on Etsy. Do you have any lines which will tap in to these keywords? Think about how you can use these tags in your product descriptions. Do you have any products suitable for bridesmaid gifts? gift for her bridesmaid gift cosmetic bag boho earrings gypsy earrings chandelier earrings dangle earrings […]

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