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Kate Pullen

Kate is a long term marketing professional who made a lifestyle change and moved to Spain to follow her dream. She learned how to apply her business skills to her creative skills to grow a business. Her goal is to help others follow their dreams too.


Sell The Sizzle – Copywriting Tips

By Kate Pullen / March 24, 2017

As we’re heading into the busy selling time, it’s essential that your marketing materials is top-notch. Your product descriptions, blog posts, social media posts etc all need to be catching the eye of the shopper. To do this, you need to sell the sizzle, not the sausage (or in the case of the vegetarian friendly […]


How to Autoschedule Pinterest Pinning With ViralTag

By Kate Pullen / March 18, 2017

If you’re just starting out using Pinterest for your business, one of the things you will need to be doing regularly, as well as creating top-notch graphics for your own products and blog, is pinning your own and other people’s content. With a little planning, it’s easy enough to get into a routine if you […]


Should I Stage or Model Photos?

By Kate Pullen / February 15, 2017

Which is best? To stage product photos or to show them in isolation against a white or neutral background? The answer will depend on your products, your target shopper, the purpose of the photos and the venue. Which is a sure indicator that there’s no right or wrong way to approach this The images that […]


What Are Keywords And Why Do They Matter?

By Kate Pullen / February 1, 2017

About keywords in general: Keywords are an essential part of the Internet. We use keywords in everything from searching Google through to browsing products on Etsy. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the term used to optimize pages of content so that search engines can match the term someone enters when they are looking for something […]


Use QR Codes

By Kate Pullen / January 10, 2017

Getting your name out there and attracting people to your store or website is an ongoing process and we need to use as many techniques as possible to get our products in front of people. One key to this is making things as simple as possible for potential customers to find us. QR codes are […]


What is Your Conversion Rate On Etsy and Why Does It Matter?

By Kate Pullen / January 7, 2017

The conversion rate a figure which is used in e-commerce as a benchmark to measure the ‘health’ of a store. It can help measure everything from the effectiveness of marketing strategies through to the efficiency of a website design. If you increase the conversion rate, you will be increasing your sales. Therefore it is an […]


Make This Year Your Best Year Ever!

By Kate Pullen / December 15, 2016

Make this your best year ever by setting yourself some goals and targets to take your business to the next level. And what better time of year is there to set yourself some goals and targets than at the New Year.  Incorporating your business goals into your New Year resolutions will help you focus on what […]


How to Get Rid Of Ghost Spam Referrers in Google Analytics

By Kate Pullen / December 14, 2016

If you look at your referrers in Google Analytics and see a lot of odd looking URLs – ones that say they have registered a page view on your site, show a 100% bounce rate and spend no time on your site – it’s likely to be ghost spam. This is tiresome and annoying, but […]


How to Make a Copy View in Google Analytics

By Kate Pullen / December 14, 2016

A view in Google Analytics terms is the data set which we use for reporting. This is what you see when you look at Google Analytics. If you make any changes to the way the data is collected it will effect the view. Taking a copy view means that if in the future you create […]


Win The Click, Etsy Style

By Kate Pullen / December 13, 2016

Will your product listings win the click? If you are staring at the screen now, wondering what I am talking about, I’m talking about what makes a person click on your products over someone else’s when they see it on an Etsy search result page. If, on a page of 42 similar products a shopper […]

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