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About Make for Business

Make for Business is run by Kate and Ian Pullen, a wife and husband team based in south west Spain.


I am in the happy situation of being on my second or perhaps third career. I started my professional life in marketing and market research, running a successful market research agency which was pioneering in its day. This gave me a huge insight into running a business – and also an in depth knowledge of marketing and market research. The foundation of my writing skills was formed at this time – imagine how difficult it is to make a market research study interesting! I’ve developed my writing skills and today have written for a number of online and print publications.

A huge change in lifestyle 10 years ago (we left our busy lives in England to live a more fulfilling life in central Spain), resulted in my being able to join my passion for business with my passion for all things handmade. I now work with Ian on a number of creative projects, including Make For Business, where we want to help others fulfill their dream of running a successful creative business through clear direction and creating great business plans.


While we’re both creative, where Kate adds to it with a strong analytical business brain, I’ve got a bit of a techie side. I inherited my father’s artistic gene, spending much time as a kid drawing and painting, so it was no surprise I looked towards a creative career. After studying Graphic Design at college (this was just pre Photoshop V1 meaning we learned the old analog skills and had to adapt later), the earlier part of my career was spent in the design and production departments of various publishing businesses.

As well as publishing, I also managed a couple of design studios before we made our move to south west Spain at the end of 2005.

Since then I’ve continued working in design, though less print and more online/digital now, as well a number of writing gigs, working for businesses of varying sizes, from individuals up to the New York Times.

Down the years, I’ve worked on a wide range of projects being produced for sole traders, SMBs and multi-national businesses, including Unilever, Laird PLC and Vodafone.

Now I’m taking all that I’ve learned over more than 25 years and I’ll be sharing this wealth of information here on Make for Business.